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Trebuchet - Breaks the Top10

James’ Latest Track breaks into the Beatport Top 10 - A huge Tech trancer  released as part of on EP on Outburst Records alongside ‘Your Verse’. This is a true power-house track with soaring leads which will send you into the stratosphere and an aggressive and punishing hoover lead drop.

You can grab your copy here: http://btprt.dj/2hR89XU

19th Oct


ADE - In Trance We Trust

James’ quick starting reputation as a top producer has already seen him generate some amazing bookings at top venus around the world. Not only is he technically gifted in the studio but he has the ability to wow and amaze crowds and fans wherever he goes. This has led to a summer of fun and further top bookings.. be sure to check out his tour dates including an appearance on the White Isle of Ibiza and amongst a huge lineup at ADE for In Trance We Trust. James will see you on the dance floor!!


The Kraken (Original Mix) #1

James starts 2017 with a bang!! His latest Tech Trancer released on Jordan Suckley’s Damaged Records has hit the top Spot - Number 1 in the Beatport trance charts! This track has gathered huge support from both the industriess top artists as well as his loyal fans. It’s great to see James achieving his very first Beatport number 1 - WELL DONE!

You can grab your copy here: https://damaged.choons.at/kraken

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